In my years working with many producers, musicians and production houses or just hanging out socially, I have found that our influences provide the common ground or language that brings a session, rehearsal or show together. It seems as though, if we know and respect our influences we actually seek out or are sought out by those who share our influences. Thus, by adding to our musical palate more influences, we increase our circle of friends and musical possibilities. I feel drummers improve and benefit greatly by listening to all styles of music. Rhythms are all around us, in all kinds of forms.

These are a few of my favorite recordings that I feel have influenced me the most, defining the way I hear music and my approach to drums and composing. I would enjoy hearing from you in the forum if any of these recordings were an influence to you as well, or feel free to open a discussion of the many artists that influence your drumming in particular.

Best of Billy Cobham Best of Billy Cobham
Billy Cobham (Drums)

Tony Williams Tony Williams
"Joy of Flying"
Tony Williams (Drums)

"Danger Money"
Terry Bozzio (Drums)

Brand X Brand X
"Unorthodox Behaviour"
Phil Collins (Drums)

Lenny White Lenny White
"Venusian Summer"
Lenny White (Drums)

Yes Yes
"Tales From Topographic Oceans"
Alan White (Drums)

Yes Yes
"Close To The Edge"
Bill Bruford (Drums)

Mahavishnu Orchestra Mahavishnu Orchestra
"Birds of Fire"
Billy Cobham (Drums)
Modern Drummer Rocking Independence Cover

"Rocking Independence is a great method for rock independence and developing dexterity on the drumset." · Greg Bissonette

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