(Drums, Vocals)
Schellen, Jay David
Born 05/20/60, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Jay began his musical career banging on various pots and Pans, coffee can, with pencils and metal lamp shades. Jay's dad was a pianist/classical guitarist so naturally piano was the instrument of choice for the household. After seven years of classical piano lessons and countless hours of theory, Jay was ready for a change, drumming was his choice. Much to the chagrin of his parents, space was cleared for a make-shift drumset bought at a garage sale.


began lessons with Nick Luchetti, Harlan Goldberg. Reading, Rudiments, Stick Control, solo composition and Basic Beats. Years later after countless frat parties, Air Force Base dances, and Bar gigs with his own local Band Ritual, a high school diploma, and one year of music study at the University Of New Mexico - Music Major of course - Theory/Jazz History/Typanic studies/voice training/Big Band.


Jay left home at the age of nineteen and hit the road with his high school bandmates in Ritual. After several years touring the clubs and ballrooms/theaters of America, Ritual called it quits.


Jay was invited by Glen Sherba (The Offenders/Commander Cody)to come to Los Angeles for an audition and join his band. Jay won that audition and began his first gig, (three hours after arriving in L.A.) rehearsing for an upcoming release with Epic recording artist Jef Scott. This group played several shows in LA and abroad and produced one recording for Epic Records.


TONY KAYE, (keyboardist for YES) saw Jay perform and asked him to join him with Tommy Evans, Joey Molland, Glen Sherba in the group BADFINGER. This lineup produced one record for Radio Records, and selected concert performances around the US.


YES'S original guitarist, PETER BANKS noticed Jay's style and asked him to join him in his solo project. Playing every Tuesday night in a club called THE CENTRAL on sunset strip.


DANNY JOHNSON (guitarist for Rick Derringer, Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks) saw Jay's performance's and asked him to join his band, THE BANDITS. This produced one record for Polygram Records and a national tour opening for ZZ-TOP. When Danny located to Shreveport Louisiana, Jay opted to stay in L.A.


Jay joins the Band STONE FURY for rehearsals beginning his long time frienship/partnership with Bruce Gowdy (World Trade, Unruly Child).


At the same time Jay was asked to join in rehearsals for an upcoming stadium tour with LITA FORD by his Bandits bandmate Gordon Copley.


Signs endorsement contracts with TAMA, REMO and Zildjian companies.


And if that was not enough, Jay received a call to check out a now forming band called HURRICANE. After winning the audition of over fifty drummers, Jay went on to record three records, 4 worldwide tours, and film five M.T.V. videos with HURRICANE . After a stalemate in negotiating a new contract with Capitol Records HURRICANE disbanded.


First of many "Up and Coming Drummer" feature articles in "Modern Drummer" magazine.


Switches from TAMA to endorse DW drums and signs with AKG microphones.


Jay got a call from Stone Fury bandmate Bruce Gowdy, asking him if he would like to make a record with his new band called UNRULY CHILD. Jay happily accepted. This group went on to record one record for Interscope Records which received much critical acclaim.

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