Kit Setup

Zildjian Cymbals

1)     20" Oriental china trash
2a)   14" "Mastersound" hats
2b)   10" K splash (inverted)
3)     19" A med. thin crash
4)     22" "A Ping" ride
5)     18" A med. crash
6)     10" K splashes (2)
7)     18" A med. crash
8)     19" A med. thin crash
9)     13" New Beat hats
Drum Workshop Drums
Purple satin finish / black hardware

A)   18"x 24" Bass drum
B)   16" fast tom
C)   15" fast tom
D)   13" fast tom
E)   12" fast tom
F)   10" fast tom
G)   5"x 14" Edge snare drum
H)   3"x13" piccolo snare

Hardware: Drum Workshop

5002 Delta II Turbo Double Bass Drum Pedal
500TD Delta Turbo Hi-Hat
5502LB Remote Hi-Hat
9300 Snare Drum Stand
9900 Double Tom/Cymbal Stand
9901 Low Tom Stand

AKG Microphones

Live Studio
Bass drum D112 D112
Toms D440/550 C440/550
Snare D440 D3900
Hi-Hat C391B C391B
Overheads C391B C414B
Vocals C420 C414B

REMO drumheads
(Various combinations)
Zildjian Sticks
Jay Schellen Model 3B
Hickory, wood tip

Modern Drummer Rocking Independence Cover

"Rocking Independence is a great method for rock independence and developing dexterity on the drumset." · Greg Bissonette

click here to see how the LAMITEXT™ technology works

click here to see how the LAMITEXT™ technology works

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